I finally did it!

I never thought I’d be here. Right here. Sharing part of my life in a blog. I’ve always secretly wanted to. Secretly jealous of those who’ve taken that leap to just do it. I applaud them so much. Because as moms, we have no time for ourselves, no time for anything really other than our families and things related to them.

I decided to finally take that leap because of recent events that have pushed me through so many limits, so many emotions, so many tears that I feel doing this would be a piece of cake.

I am a mom who’s story is just as good as any other mom blogger’s story. Who’s experiences taught her just as much as the next person’s experience taught them. So I will no longer ask “Why me?” It’s always going to be “Why not me?!”. Here I am… bloggin’ !!!!

2 thoughts on “I finally did it!”

  1. Your family’s journey is one I look forward to hearing about and seeing. Helps to keep my prayers for you specific. Happy to hear your beauty is coming home

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