Support System

Have you taken a good look at your support system? The ones you know for sure who will be there for you when you feel like you’re breaking down?

Believe it or not, My doctor asked me about my support system when I went in for a simple check up.. I had conjunctivitis (pink eye), severe soar throat (it was crazy), ear infection in both ears, had coughing fits every night n hardly slept… I was a mess!

Because of all that, I hadn’t visited my baby girl in a week because I didn’t want to get her sick too. I didn’t realize how much this affected me until he asked how she was doing and how I was holding up.. once he did that I shed tears.. I was so sad I haven’t seen her and was just feeling exhausted from it all! So many emotions just came out through those tears smh… I guess that Mommy guilt hit me hard…

Well once that happened, after some comforting words, the doc asked me about my support system. He asked if I have anyone around me who I can lean on when times get tough. I wanted to say… “DO I?!?!?!”. He explained further how important it is to have one and to always count on that…

He’s so right. Reflecting on your support system and really holding on to it is so important for us. Especially moms. Sometimes we feel we can do it all and hold in every emotion because we are supposed to. Ummm let me tell you, nooo we aren’t.. if it wasn’t for the support system I have, idk how I would’ve gone through what I went through.

My husband and my son with me while I was in the hospital. Before I gave birth to the twins.

I love my family and friends so much! Our new congregation really stepped in the moment things happened and I’m so so grateful for all of it!!! Every time I think of how much love we received during that delicate time, it makes me tear up.

Pic of my bestie Terry (left) and Day 1 Hannah (Sis-right) the day of my discharge.

My dad, Sis and other sis Christiane. Her sisters came as well (not pictured) on our way to see Maelyn down the hall.

My mom!!!! Love her so much. She, my dad and Grandma took care of Malachi in NY while we focused on Maelyn and I completely healed from my c section.. Josee my other sis who supported me in letter writing Fridays 🤗 Keeping up with theocratic activities is KEY!!!! Hannah and I doing public witnessing with our new congregation for the first time.

So all this is to say that yes doc, I have a great support system, it’s just, as a mom, emotional moments come at awkward times.. I do feel overwhelmed and frustrated but in the end, my support system gets you through it.

Have you reflected on your support system lately? Please do.

4 thoughts on “Support System”

  1. You are one of the strongest woman I know! I am so honored to claim the title of YOUR bff! You are my light and i will support your every pursuit!!! With Jehovah as your rock and Faith as your strength I watch you move mountains! Keep going girl. If only you can see what i see,the view from here is beautiful!


  2. You are so blessed to have this support network around you! It is so important and the realisation came to me when I realised mine isn’t the strongest 🙄


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