She’s coming home !

Seems like yesterday everyone was asking me “when is she coming home?” And I would always say… “I don’t know…” I know they meant well but… anyway.. she’s coming home this Tuesday yay!

I’m so excited for her to see her nursery!

I wanted something simple and not having to spend too much $$ but still look cute. Mission accomplished !

DIY is the way to go!

My loving parents bought this crib and changing table set for Mae. The little painting on the square canvas is from and organization called “Sydney’s Rainbows” parents of a preemie who did not survive their NICU journey. They made it a point to share some encouragement to other NICU parents whose child was able to survive the journey even though their little one did not. Check out their story, I cried when I read the certificate they gave to us for Maelyn.

Wasn’t sure what her coming home outfit should be and with this wacky weather I probably should choose a backup. Then as I was sorting her clothes in her room, I found it!!! I have a cute little jacket to put her in too so she’s comfortable in the car seat and it’s not too bulky for her. We need to be able to get to her trach easily in case of emergency. Oh and I got this cute blanket with her name embroidered on that I’m going to cover in the car seat with. I’m ready!!

This WAS Maelyn’s going home outfit. Then my mom arrived with a bunch of stuff for her grand-baby and I have to admit, her options were pretty cute so we will see … LOL (ugh, grandparents always win hahahaha!! #spoiledgrandbabies).

As I sit here halfway through my 24 hour shift (can’t sleep…), I am doing two things, praying Maelyn doesn’t have any “episodes” and reflecting on how grateful I am for every thing that got her to this point!!

I’m thinking of bringing in some treats to the nurses here . Everybody likes brownies… right?

Any NICU parents out there? Share your experience in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “She’s coming home !”

  1. Welcome home baby Mae! Prayers, love and support on your big day tomorrow! You’ve done so well and have been incredibly strong. We love you so much and we know you’re coming home fashionably late – xo.


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