Mama Bear

It’s been about 5 days since baby Mae came home. It hasn’t been easy but we love her so much we will do anything for her.

When that inner mama bear comes out, moms you know what I’m talking about? You will do anything for your child when they are in distress….

We had a nurse that started off great but we had to let her go because she almost let my baby die ! I’m so happy we got the training we did to care for Mae because as soon as i heard the pulse ox machine go on for longer than I’d like, I ran up to Mae room and immediately saw that she was turning purple!!! The nurse was just changing her diaper or pretending to idk what! Mae Sats were in the 70s and dropping !

The nurse said “she’s ok she’s just wiggling” I yelled “SHES PURPLE!!!! Hannah! (My sister), call 911!!!!” I Upped her o2, that didn’t help, suctioned her, that didn’t help, so we tried bagging her.. that didn’t help! So I yelled “we have to change the trach!!!” So we did, I pulled, nurse placed, and Maelyn was fine…

As soon as she was ok I left the room and ran to my bathroom and just bawled … my 2.5 year old son came and said to me very clearly and sympathetically “it’s ok, don’t worry” and hugged me so tight. That made me cry so much more. You never know what your children pay attention to. Those words I always say to him when he’s sad as well.. the love he showed me comforted me so much. And in that moment I was so much more grateful for him. I tried praying but all I could say was God’s name, Jehovah over and over again..

EMS comes and asked about what happened and I let them know. The nurse herself stepped in and said “mama knew right away what was happening in seconds ! It would’ve taken me minutes!

(ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) then she said she dropped some saline down Mae trach to loosen up whatever is in there …. YOU DON’T DO THAT!!!! The instructions were to NEBULIZE the saline!!!! So baby girl was pretty much “drowning” and this “nurse” couldn’t even see that she’s pretty much dying ?!?!

The icing on the cake tho???????!!!!! DO U WANT TO KNOW?!?!

When EMS was about to leave, the “nurse” says to them “I’ve never worked with BLACK babies before, I’ve always worked with WHITE babies and they turn PUPRLE!” Omgggggg!!!!!!!!! Is she serious???? Long story short, she’s gone ! We will take it from here now thank you! Bye…..

In that moment of chaos, I couldn’t see anything but my daughter and those eyes looking at me to help her !!! I didn’t feel bad letting that nurse go, you got one time to mess with my daughters life . She worked too hard to get where she is now for someone who would use almost killing her to say her skin color was the reason !!! Regardless of her skin color, you can look at anyone’s lips and they’ll show that it’s turning purple..

I’m giving Bayada Pediatrics one more chance to send another nurse who is competent and knows how all babies look when they are in distress …

I wouldn’t have shared this. But I needed to. I will always ask more than the needed questions when it comes to my child because this mama bear needs to be in the know before you care for this cub!

What would you have done in this situation? Please share.

5 thoughts on “Mama Bear”

  1. Send her on that midnight train to Georgia! where she can learn about black babies lololol!!! You guys handled this situation like a boss! Thanks to your training and your God given motherly instincts!
    #byefelicia smh


  2. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! NO, NO MORE CHANCES!!! Please report her. Her agency needs to know. Her agency needs to also be reported for supervising, managing, hiring incompetent workers that is in the care of people who need them most. Please file a report. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE! And then to have the audacity to include color in your reasons for your incompetence??? You almost freaking murdered someone! This vexes me so much and I don’t even have a child.

    Thank you Jah for your support!


  3. I cannot say I would know what to do, but thank goodness for your mama bear instincts! You did exactly the right thing in every way. Sweet little Mali😍
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. 😲 Whoa! I know you told me this before but reading the full post put me right in the situation! I don’t believe it! Thank goodness she didn’t silence the pulse ox too! And thank Jehovah for you


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