Celebrating our wedding anniversary At Red Lobster. 4.18.14 !!

Happy anniversary to us! I think I kinda like him now LOLOL! Just kidding! Love this man! This post is kind of late but I just wanted to take the time and shout out my husband Prince.

This pic was taking on 4.13.18. We decided to celebrate our anniversary the Friday before our actual anniversary (4.18.14) since my mom was in town and could watch our son and our daughter was still in the hospital.

Yes, she’s still in the hospital .. after 4 days of being at home, she had to go back. And has been there since 3.31. She was supposed to come home yesterday but the custom trach she got wasn’t positioning well which meant it wasn’t ventilating both sides of her airways good enough causing the upper right lobe of her lung to collapse. She desatted many times and the unit she was in sent her back to the PICU..

When I came to visit her, the nurse said she was fine and was smiling when they wheeled her in her new room (little stinker lol she must like that floor lol). I’m happy to know she wasn’t in distress the whole time, just those moments she wasn’t feeling comfortable.

Long story short, she’s fine and they figured out that she needed a standard sized trach instead of a slighter longer than standard trach as determined before. She should be coming home soon. I just love that little warrior.

All this to say, life happens. Don’t ignore yourself completely while caring for others. You need to make sure you’re good so you’re able to continue taking care of others. Moms, read this until you memorize it. Make a post it on your bathroom mirror if you have to or something (seriously, go, I can wait…lol). I’ll get more into this on how I try to take time for self care and relaxation in a future post.

That’s what my husband and I did, we took some time for ourselves and made our anniversary dinner happen. And it was fun. We watched our wedding videos (you can watch here ) and talked about that day. I teared up when he was saying how he only was focused on me when I was walking down the aisle (he didn’t tell me this before. He’s becoming a softie Lolol!!).

Let’s go for many more years honey!!!

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