This passed week…

Baby Mae is back home !!!! My sister Hannah and I definitely put in some work coordinating getting her home last Sunday . We had my son Mali who is 2 with us (hubby was on his way to NY to pick up my grandmother) and we didn’t know how this all was going to go down but we did it! And I am very impressed that my car can hold all of Mae’s equipment, our stuff and two car seats in the back with me sitting next to Mae while Hannah drove. Of course Mae fell asleep the whole way home and no desats either (whoop whoop!).

Don’t drop the pacifier ever ! Like ever !

Her two nurses this week have been wonderful. I was super super nervous but I was able to step out and run some errands and not worry too much about her care. The nurse that was here two days this week talked to Mae, let her play in her activity gym and was always in her face talking to her. So grateful for her ! I hope she comes more days during the week. Her other nurse, more like a fill in, was great too! Very knowledgeable in what he does. You can tell he loves to take care of kids and takes his job very seriously. He had his opinions and suggestions about a few things and was ok if at times we didn’t go along with them (because Mae does not like sudden changes! She will let you know in a heartbeat !!!).

I’m not going to lie, I am exhausted !!! But I am happy my baby girl is home where she belongs and thriving. Her Sats are in the high 90s-100 more consistently. So grateful for everything that has contributed to her coming home. She’s still “feisty” but so cute and lovable we don’t care! She’s come a long long way and still a long way to go…

So yea, I’ve taken this week to really focus on Mae and make sure she is comfortable with the things she has available at home. She is smiling way more, she wants to roll over now (oh baby!!) and loves classical music as well as Kingdom melodies (heart). Both my kids love music!

Mali is so jealous Lolol when I hold Mae, he acts like he’s crying and wants me to hold him too (haha!!). He wants her toys (even though he has a bunch), toys he didn’t even want when he was a baby! LOL! But yesterday he gave Mae a hug and rubbed her arm to say hi and was gentle with her so I think he’s coming around lol.

Moms, how have you tried to help your older child get used to their new younger sibling being in the house? Please share!

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