The first half of this month has been a very busy half. Mae had quite a few followup appointments. Her very first pediatrician appointment was May 1, Ophthalmology appointment May 2, Pulmonary on May 3 as well as a meeting with her services coordinator from First Steps (Early Intervention program… might post more about that in a future post) to discuss Mae’s plan of care (she will be getting Physical and Occupational Therapy starting in two weeks).

On top of all that, the DME company (Distributor of Medical Equipment) came by to make sure we had all we needed for Mae and what we were short on so they can send in their shipment of supplies for this month. Phew !

Then poor Mae seemed to have some discomfort with gas and is teething so she was having a rough time with those things. On one of the nights, after a rough day, I decided it was time for some much needed snuggles. As soon as I put her on my chest, she relaxed right away and eventually fell asleep. It was the most comfortable I’ve seen her that night.

It took me back to the days when she was in the NICU and I would do Kangaroo care (skin to skin) with her. Those were the best because her oxygen saturations went up and she was breathing so much better and was deep in sleep. In a peaceful state. It did a lot of good for me too. There were days I would feel so helpless and stressed because of unfavorable updates from docs regarding Mae and after snuggling with her, I felt the stress go away and I would feel so much better.

Kangaroo care is, according to the dictionary is “a method of caring for premature babies in which the infants are held skin-to-skin with a parent, usually the mother, for as many hours as possible every day.”

First time doing Kangaroo care with baby Mae 🙂 she was a week old

I always loved doing kangaroo care. No matter how much equipment she needed or how many nurses it took to help us get this accomplished..

The benefits of kangaroo care for preemies are quite amazing. You can find out more about it here !

I pray she never lets go.

How do you bond with your children during stressful times? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share with a mom who may be going through something similar. Let’s encourage one another !

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2 thoughts on “Snuggles”

  1. Many years ago, 35 years before I ever heard of “Kangaroo Care” I gave birth to my third daughter. The nurse said since she was a little jaundice and shaking, not to be surprised if they let me go home but not her. I was horrified and couldn’t imagine not taking my full term baby home with me! So instinctively, I opened my robe and laid her directly on my skin, pulling my robe back over her to cover her, and she calmed right down, stopped her shaking, and we left the hospital for home together without any problems.


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