It’s been a while I knowwwwww! Just as the title says, I’ve been Moming.. yes I know it’s not a word but how else can a mom sum up everything she has to do in one word??

Mmhmm … So yea… MOMING! (LOLOL!)

This past week baby girl was in the hospital for some form of pneumonia-like infection… this time around it was easier to handle because she recovered rather quickly (such a fighter !!). She’s been home for about a day since discharge and all is well so far. I gave her some extra snuggles today. We both needed it!

Big bro is loving school. He’s doing so well so far and gets so excited when I tell him it’s time for school lol. He doesn’t cry when I drop him off, in fact he stays with me until I’m about to leave and gives me a big hug and watches me leave the classroom and then goes to play (I can see him through this huge glass they have that lets parents peek into the classroom lol). I tried to not change his routine too much while baby girl was in the hospital so when I picked him up, I dropped him off at our house for my grandma to watch him and I go see Mae. I’m so happy she’s back home!!

I’ve also recently made the very tough decision to stop exclusively pumping breast milk… as I was writing this I was wondering if I should save this for a future post or leave it here. It’s still part of MOMING so I’ll just leave it here… ok so here it goes:

So I stopped exclusively pumping breast milk because I couldn’t do it anymore. And it pained me to come to that conclusion because I’ve breastfed my son for almost 20 months! But then I was thinking about how different their births were, how life was during their first few months of life, VERY different… I did not have tons of doctors visits to schedule with my first nor did I have to keep track of medication and things like that..

I must say life has been a tad bit more hectic these days and at some point I had to sit down and figure out what can I cut out to make things a little more easier on me.. my milk supply dropped significantly around January. Up until that point I was so happy I was able to provide so much milk for my NICU baby at the time. But then later on in January baby girl had three surgeries and was coming out of the NICU and going to the PICU/ home vent section of the hospital and it was a countdown to her coming home. I guess with all the planning and coordinating schedules and getting the necessary training in to care for a trach and vent baby took a huge toll on me and I didn’t even realize it..

I tried a bunch of different things to get my supply going but it just wasn’t working because the stress was still there .. so I decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore and I wasn’t less of a mom for making that decision because I’ve done everything I could and will continue to do everything I can for my kids.

Baby girl is still growing strong (almost 16 pounds yay!) and is so alert and feisty still. She still gets fed and is a happy camper…

So that’s just a gist of my last couple of weeks Moming.. what was yours like? Any fun summer plans for the kiddos?

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3 thoughts on “Moming”

  1. You are amazing!!! Being a mom isn’t easy because y’all sacrifice so much and do it with so much love. It’s something I’ll probably never truly know this side of Armageddon. You are such a strong person being able to share all of this as well. It’s inspiring. Your family is in my prayers. Big Hugs and Kisses.


  2. Wow! That sounds like a lot. Sorry Mae wasn’t feeling well poor baby. YOU are such a fighter, probably where she gets it from. I stopped breastfeeding my baby at 8 months. I was too exhausted and needed care myself. She did perfectly fine without it, in fact maybe even better, for the simple fact that mama was also a little happier with some rest. Thanks for sharing. Love you!😘

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