She Will Get There

It hit me a little hard the other day… Someone asked me how Mae was doing and I told them she knows how to roll over now (it’s quite funny actually but so so cute). Their reaction “ohh!… how old is she now?”… so I tell them she will be ten months next week but she’s 7 months corrected. I didn’t feel bad at all, it just made me realize that these milestones I’m so excited for her about, isn’t really understood by everyone. You know they mean well but sometimes you feel like … really though??

She was a micro premie so her milestones are a bit delayed and I’m okay with that. I admire her strength and her determination to thrive. I can only attribute that blessing to Jehovah God. But sometimes I want to share these exciting moments then I realize not everyone will understand her journey.

Not everyone will know she has had a brain bleed and her brain is currently “recalibrating”. So many odds against her and the fact that she is so alert, joyful, silly, can actually force baby sounds around her cuff in her trach, get stronger each day (her therapists are amazed at her progress when they come each week), loves to study people and is strong willed, makes me so proud to be her mom!!

So I’m not ashamed that she is delayed in any aspect. I just need people to realize that SHE. WILL. GET. THERE!! In her own TIME and in her own WAY.

*drops mic*

8 thoughts on “She Will Get There”

  1. This is beautiful. It is truly amazing how far she has came, thats Jehovah’s blessing. Im amazed everytime i get updates because shes doing so well despite all the trials. Makes me tear up everytime. You really just have to sit back and say “wow” with how far she came. And the best thing is what youre doing now, share with your family and friends!

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  2. Progress is always good no matter the timing! Love to here about it! Thanks for sharing. Even though people say things without thinking, we truly want to be a part of her sweet little life :). You are going through something most will not fully understand. I’m proud of you and Maelyn! Sending lots of love your way 💜

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