Mae’s debut !

Back at the end of June, my family threw a meet and greet/baby shower for baby Mae. It was so cute and the love for Mae was definitely felt that day! Here are some pics which were done by our awesome photographer friend Ashley! We are also grateful for her family letting us have this event at the Tippy Toes School of Dance.

Decor was done by my sister Hannah! Didn’t she do a great job?! All for her baby niece Maelyn 😍.

We couldn’t get enough of all the food and yummy treats !

It was so nice to see friends come and share in Maelyn’s moment and also for her to meet everyone who has been rooting for her all this time ! WELCOME HOME MAELYN!!!!

Big Bro Mali was having a blast!Cutting the cake with hubby 😍Sister friends 😊My mom flew all the way from NY to cook the food for the shower. All for her grand baby!

Four generations!!MAELYN- OUR LITTLE PRINCESS 😍😍

I’m still in awe of that day. It was just right and everything we wanted for Maelyn to see, Jehovah’s happy people coming together in times of need and celebration!

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