I did what I had to do…

So after a year of not working and all that has come and gone in addition to that, I finally decided that life has calmed down a little bit for me to step back into the workforce. I started out substitute teaching for a little bit just to see how it was … still not sure how I feel about it ha!! I decided to keep searching for a part-time job I applied to so many!) and landed a job working for a not for profit organization.

It was great, I was learning a lot about the organization and the ins and outs of how their finance department works. Then life hit and let me know that it is not yet time for this mama to go back to work. Literally three weeks after, changes upon changes have come and affected our family and now I must make the decision to either quit working and stay at home again or stick it out and get through the changes.

I decided to quit my job.


I felt like I was learning a lot and was excited to get back into my field of work again but when it comes to the welfare of your kids, you  have to do what you have to do!!

I remember my mom took a break from work when my sister and I were little and then went back to work full-time once we started school. We had that sense of security with her being home with us and now history has somewhat repeated itself. The fact that I remember when my mom was home after school when I was little shows how it has positively affected me. I want the same for my kids.

Us women and moms do a lot. You never know the strength you have until you are pretty much pushed into whatever you are going through at the moment. We have that capability. I think that is wonderful.


Have you had to do the same thing for your family? Know anyone who has? Please share!


4 thoughts on “I did what I had to do…”

  1. I absolutely agree! It’s not only wonderful, it is so so beautiful. The beauty of a person comes from their scars and how they come up out of a struggle. I think you are do this gracefully. I admire your decisions and your strength. If I ever get to be in such a position of becoming a mother or simply dealing with a situation that pulls me back and forth again and again, I pray I have the stamina you have – mentally and spiritually. Keep going sis! I love you and I’m rooting for you.


  2. I also have found memories of coming home to my mom and a hot cooked Ghanaian meal. She was a single mother and had to work nights so that we’d have her home during the day. Then she’d leave us with our aunty and go to work. When I look back I see how much she struggled with us. She is a phenomenal woman.


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