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My September Confession

September is here and it is oh so Bittersweet. I'm not going to lie and say I'm feeling 100% but I'm getting there. I try to push these painful memories aside but as we get closer and closer to the one year mark of when I went into preterm labor, it's kind of hard not… Continue reading My September Confession



It's been a while I knowwwwww! Just as the title says, I've been Moming.. yes I know it's not a word but how else can a mom sum up everything she has to do in one word?? Mmhmm ... So yea... MOMING! (LOLOL!) This past week baby girl was in the hospital for some form… Continue reading Moming



The first half of this month has been a very busy half. Mae had quite a few followup appointments. Her very first pediatrician appointment was May 1, Ophthalmology appointment May 2, Pulmonary on May 3 as well as a meeting with her services coordinator from First Steps (Early Intervention program... might post more about that… Continue reading Snuggles


This passed week…

Baby Mae is back home !!!! My sister Hannah and I definitely put in some work coordinating getting her home last Sunday . We had my son Mali who is 2 with us (hubby was on his way to NY to pick up my grandmother) and we didn't know how this all was going to… Continue reading This passed week…


The Little Things

This orchid was given to me around the time I was in the hospital and gave birth to the twins .. when I came home with it, the flowers died.. and how crazy is it that the day Mae came home, it bloomed again! Made me think about how happy it made me when I… Continue reading The Little Things


Mama Bear

It's been about 5 days since baby Mae came home. It hasn't been easy but we love her so much we will do anything for her. When that inner mama bear comes out, moms you know what I'm talking about? You will do anything for your child when they are in distress.... We had a… Continue reading Mama Bear